Advocacy AM: Edmonton Chamber of Commerce


What does our economy look like post COVID-19? As Alberta’s staged relaunch is underway, there is no denying that we are on a long road to economic recovery. The nature of economic shock in Alberta will continue to affect businesses for months - even years - to come. Your business has had to adapt to massive challenges and make economic considerations to continue your operations; these unprecedented times continue to lead to unprecedented actions.

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

In this edition of Advocacy A.M., we will welcome Trevor Tombe, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary, to share his insights. He will discuss the depth and scale of the disruption in the labour market and the economy. Then joined by Edmonton Chamber’s Director of Advocacy and Outreach, they will dive into the latest data to explore the challenges with reopening and what we know so far.

Following his presentation, you will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to Trevor; bring your queries about the economy, fiscal impact of COVID-19 or anything in between!

Please confirm your attendance by Monday, June 1 @ 4 PM. We will be using the Zoom meeting platform for the webinar. A link to join the meeting will be sent out to all registrants 12-24 hours prior to the webinar via email.

Trevor Tombe
Associate Professor of Economics