Conflict of Interest Disclosure

The American Economic Association urges its members and other economists to disclose potential conflicts of interest through financial support (whether in monetary or non-monetary forms), paid or unpaid positions as officers, directors, or board members of non-profit or for-profit organizations, and if other interested third parties have financial, ideological, or political stakes in their work.

This is a best efforts disclosure based on the most recent five years of activity. More detail around my past professional affiliations, associations, and activities are listed on my CV.

Sources of Financial Support

According to the AEA disclosure policy, authors “should identify each interested party from whom he or she has received significant financial support, summing to at least $10,000 in the past three years, in the form of consultant fees, retainers, grants and the like.” I report these below, separating ongoing sources from one-time ad-hoc sources. For completeness, I also report potentially relevant minor sources of financial support.


  • University of Calgary (2012-Present): amounts disclosed publicly according to Government of Alberta regulations
  • Canadian Tax Foundation (2020-Present): stipend for services as co-director of Finances of the Nation
  • Financial support through various grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (individually listed on my CV)
    • Funds cover research expenses, primarily graduate student support, and no personal financial benefit results

Ad-Hoc (Past Five Years)

  • Government of Canada (2020): research and analysis of interprovincial trade costs and policies
  • Government of British Columbia (2020): research contributions to the BC Basic Income Panel (report public)
  • Yukon Government (2017): member of the financial advisory panel (report public)

Minor (Past Five Years)

  • Government of Alberta (2020-21): services to the Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation
  • Government of Ontario (2021): research and analysis of interprovincial trade costs and policies
  • Queen’s University Institute on Trade Policy (2020): presentation on interprovincial trade
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies and Democracy (2020): research related to federal transfer arrangements
  • C.D. Howe Institute (2020): research paper on interprovincial labour mobility
  • Canadian Economics Association (2019): Vanderkamp Prize
  • Parliamentary Budget Office (2019): one-day course on federal-provincial transfers
  • Government of Alberta (2019): review of internal economic analysis of carbon pricing policies
  • Pearson Canada (2018): produce educational materials
  • University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (2018): Ontario 360 report on climate policy for Ontario
  • Government of Alberta (2017): analysis related to large emitter carbon pricing policy design
  • Fraser Institute (2016-2021): referee reports and occasional author fees
  • Canadian Economics Association (2016): Harry G. Johnson Prize
  • Occasional author fees for contributions to CBC, The Hub, Macleans, Alberta Views


Current Professional Associations

  • Professor at the University of Calgary
  • Research Fellow at The School of Public Policy
  • Co-Director, Finances of the Nation, Canadian Tax Journal
  • Co-Editor, Canadian Journal of Economics
  • Board Member, The University of Calgary Faculty Association
  • Member of the Canadian Economics Association and the American Economics Association

Past Affiliations and Appointments

  • Board Member, ActiveCITY Calgary (2019-20)
  • Member of the C.D. Howe COVID-19 Crisis Business Continuity and Trade Working Group (2020)
  • Member of the Government of Alberta Market Access Task Force (2018)
  • Member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Municipal Election Advisory Team (2017)

Additional Disclosures

Asset Disclosure

  • Various equity and bond holdings, largely within broadly-diversified exchange traded funds. Minor holdings of individual corporate equities within the Canadian financial and energy sectors.

Political Activity

  • I am not a member of any political party at any level of government. Occasional (unpaid) advice and analysis has been provided to individual candidates, office holders, or staff on an ad-hoc basis representing the full spectrum of political parties in Alberta and Canada.

Right to Review

  • No organization has a right to review or edit my published work, except when they acted as the publisher.

Trevor Tombe
Professor of Economics